Can't select a certain part of my model

Hi everyone,

I’m new to blender and I wanted to model a flower and this is what I came up with:

I used a bezier curve to create the top part of the flower, but now I want to create the stem. I figured the best way to do that was to extrude a portion of the model I created with the bezier curve, but I’m not able to select the last part as illustrated in the picture. Anyone who can help me out? I can upload the blender file if you want me to.

Looks like you have some double vertices. Select all vertices (A) and W / remove doubles. If needed adjust the merge distance slider
You could also select in wireframe mode

Richard already answered the question but

if you can upload the .blend then always do so in the starting post. If the screenshot is not enough to figure out what is going on, then all that can be done is to ask the file, which no one wants to do. Besides, even if you already gave enough information to know what the problem is, having the file is the easiest way to give you back visuals of the problem and the solution.

Thank you very much, it worked :slight_smile: