Can't select axis arrows after cutting cube?

Hey guys, in Blender 2.49, I’m doing a tutorial that requires me to loop cut a cube. So I loop cut it in half, and once I go back to object mode, I can’t use the axis arrows. Why is that? I’m doing it so I can mirror it and model only one side :slight_smile: Is it a bug in Blender or something? Or do I need to reinstall it? Thanks in advance!

what are axis arrows? loop cuts don’t separate your object, just adds edges. Try pressing CRTL+SPACE in object mode.
If that doesn’t work, I didn’t understand you correctly

Yeah, I meant the manipulator, not the axis arrows. But that’s solved my problem! I can select it now! Thank you :slight_smile:

Actually, switching to 2.59 helped. But yours worked anyway!