Can't select bones for rigging - they are unselectable

Hello! As you can see on the screen, I selected my mesh on the object mode and then I tried to select new bone - no way. Blender shows them as a single whole orange mess, not bones. There is “In front” in viewport display enabled and also “Bones” in the upper left corner enabled. What’s the problem? I’m trying to parrent 1 bone for 2 hours and no luck.

Ok assuming you want to parent a mesh object directly to a single bone you need to do the following.

  • Select your mesh
  • Select your armature
  • Press Ctrl + Tab to go into pose mode (or select it in the top left of the viewport)
  • Select the bone you want to parent to
  • Press Ctrl + P and choose “Bone relative”

Maybe its wise to do some beginner tutorials before proceeding. It will probably spare you a lot of frustration and wasted time: