Can't Select Bones in Edit Mode to Parent Them


I’m trying to do this tutorial here: by Single Sapling Games. However, when I try to select the bones to parent them at 3:25 in the video using Shift + Right Click in edit mode, I can only select the actively selected armature and can’t select anything else. Have I accidentally selected something that prevents me from selecting the other bones in edit mode?

(FlyingBanana) #2

Can you post a screenshot of your setup? Can’t be positive what might be wrong without something to at least go on. But yes you should be able to select the bone, then tab into bone edit mode then you can right click + shift all the other bones required then whichever bone is last selected will be the bone that they will parent to. But again this is all depending on if you have set up the bones initially the wrong way and not added them while in edit mode.


Oh thanks a lot for that “not added them while in edit mode”. I have to add the bones while in edit mode, not object mode. Thanks! xD

(FlyingBanana) #4

No worries. You might want to check out Tutor4U’s youtube channel where he rigs up a mechanical dog. He goes over the bone creation parenting and constraints rather nicely in a 3 part series.