Can't select edge

Hey all,

I’m really new to modeling and this forum and I’ve been practicing for quite a while now. Most of the time when I run into a problem I just googled it and found the solution but this time I can’t find anything about my problem. My problem occured while I was modeling a car. There is an edge stuck in my model: I can’t select it or delete it and it isn’t between vertexes. Does someone know a solution for it, or is it a first-time error?


using: blender 2.46 32 bit version on windows vista 64x


nissan_350-z-bug.blend (391 KB)

It is not an edge it is a Plane which is a separate object from the rest of the car. Tab out to Object mode, right click on it and X to delete.

Wow, that was a pretty stupid mistake, no idea how it came there. Thank you very much.