Cant select faces...

Heya guys,
Im new here and new to 3d animation in general. Im just learning the interface of Blender still and I cant figure out how to select faces. When I go into edit mode, I can select vertices but not faces or edges(well, if I select 2 vertices, it selects the edge between them I guess). I have faces, normals, and edges drawn, but I just cant seem to select faces. Sorry if this is beyond stupid, but Id be eternally greatful for some help. Im just trying to follow along the videos posted by roofoo and the author of the videos has faces but not vertices drawn so trying to figure out how to do that. Thanks a ton, and any other advice would be great!

Please start here

… Im reading the noob-to-pro guide, but Id really appreciate a straight up answer so I can play around in Blender while I read that monstrously long guide. Thanks for the reply anyway.

there r 3 buttons in the header in edit mode. dots, lines, and triangle.

There are 3 different selection modes (vertices, edges, and polygons). Along the bottom of the 3d view you will find toggle buttons for them when you are in edit mode.
If you hold shift when you click the button, you can have more than one selection mode active at a time.

Oh, sorry I didnt notice, my mistake. Thanks a ton for the help guys.

gosh, Rob. I didnt know that. learn something new every day. thx.

Ive been reading the manual and noob-to-pro wikibooks, reading through interface and basics for now till I understand the interface well. Anyway, I think the noob to pro book says how to select faces and edges and such pretty early on. Anyway, thanks so much guys, Ive been reading up and the Blender community is really great!:slight_smile: