Can't select my camera in viewport

Oct 5th 2013:

This has been happening a lot recently and I must have checked some checkbox, but when I am in camera view I can’t seem to select the camera. I have to actually click it in the outliner. I do this a lot tweaking the location/angle of a shot. (And “restrict viewport selection”, in the outliner, is not greyed out, so that’s not it) I feel like someone will just know what I’ve done, and it isn’t really a post the blend kind of thing.

I know what you mean and it happens to me too. I don’t know why it happens, but I always keep my outliner open so its not a big enough deal for me to worry about.

Did you accidentally move your camera to a non-visible layer? You’ll still be able to get into camera view but be unable to select the camera itself if you do that.

No, it’s on a visible layer. I usually put my camera and lights on the last (lower right) layer. I guess I’ll try to find a simple example blend and post it. It doesn’t happen on all my files. The camera bounds are a dotted red line in the viewport which I don’t remember seeing before?

The layer your camera is on has to be selected as well as the main layer. Hold shift and select them both. If that’s not it then look up in your Outliner, and make sure the Arrow is on next to the camera. If it’s not, you won’t be able to select the camera either.


Yeah they were both selected, and the arrow is on. I stripped the scene down to just the eyelashes, camera and light. Another weird thing, the eyelashes appear to be on 3 different layers at the same time. If I click layer one, the eyelashes are there, I click layer two they are still there. And I still can’t select the camera in viewport. 2.68. Can you? What’s going on here?
cam.blend (1.48 MB)

Can you select the camera in the viewport? Also in the outliner you can select the camera by left clicking. Get it selected and open the modifiers tab in the properties panel and see if there’s a modifier on it. If so, delete it. If that doesn’t work maybe try deleting the camera and add a new one and see if that helps. I am using 2.68 and have never had a problem with the camera. But I’ll play around with your blend and see if I can find it.

@BlenderAllDay: These red dotted lines… I wondered once how somebody could be so precise to select exactly the camera area. :smiley:

That’s the Render Border. [CTRL B]. If you have no Render Border defined but activate it any way, Blender assumes the render is limited to the whole camera area, or else unlimited. The option is in the Render tab, Dimensions panel. Uncheck the “Border” option. The red dotted lines will go away.

But that’s not what prevents you from selecting the camera. The camera is only on the 1st layer and you should be able to select it if you are on this layer. It doesn’t work on the other layers… by design. To be honest, I’ve never been much bothered by this limitation, I use “Lock Camera to View” all the time. The checkbox is easier to reach than the dotted lines around the camera view. :wink: Any way, according to my experience, the camera selection works as expected (on my Blender 2.69-rc1-beta1-whatever).

Now, the objects on several layers. That’s a feature of Blender. When you use [M] to move an object to another layer, you can use [SHIFT LMB] to put it on several layers at the same time. You can do the same in the Object tab. (The orange cube.) It’s supposed to help you to keep things organized in layers without having to actually copy anything in between layers.

You’re just not supposed to confuse yourself with multiple copies of an object spread over different but overlapping layer sets. :smiley: (You have an empty on layers 1, 2, 6 and 20… and a copy of it on layers 1, 6 and 20 only.)

@Glakie, Yes, I could always select the camera from the outliner. And no I still can’t select it in viewport in the blend I posted. I’m on 2.68 right now.

I cannot select the camera, in viewport, when I’m on layer 1. I think I’m going to install 2.9… and try again.

Now that you mention it of course the dotted line is the ‘border’ option. I use it on complex scenes as it speeds up preview renders. Mystery solved on that one.

As for the multiple layers, how can I remove these shift LMB “soft links”, or layer sets, from multiple layers. Thanks!

@BlenderAllDay: To remove an object from multiple layers, just use [M] and [LMB] on the (only) layer where you want it to be. That’s all. :wink: If you want something complicate, you can also use [SHIFT LMB] to deselect the layers where you don’t want your object too be. :smiley:

Wow, I though that’s what I was doing, but obviously I was hitting something else. But the layers are back in one to one state. I was pretending it wasn’t happening, and it didn’t affect the renders, but secretly it was causing me great distress. Thanks.

Update. I downloaded and installed 2.69-testbuild-1 for win 64 (from I can now select the camera – so it must have been an 2.68 issue.

The weird thing is, that the splash screen still says 2.68 when I open blender. Is this normal? Should I get the version from

Yes, it’s normal to see only “2.68” on the splash screen. It will stay so until there is an official 2.69 release. Don’t worry, you’re way ahead of the crowd already. :wink: (Even ahead of me with my week old version… Must update now!) :smiley:

Ok, great. Thanks Kaluura. (and Glakie, KHorseman and BrentNewton)

Edit: what happened to ‘Mark thread as solved?’

Thanks JA12, Solved.