cant select polygons with th limit selection toggled off

The limit selction button to select the back face polygons is currenlty not working. When i have the limit selection toggled on i can only select the front faces
. However when i have the limit selction toggled off i cant select any polygons in the scene . This is all while in edit mode .

I would like to be able to selct the front face and back faces at the same time. As this would be more effeceint at times.

Try b or c with the limit selection off and try to select both with that?
I usually select verticies with the limit selection off or wireframe, and im guessing your issue is about blender confused about what its supposed to see when you click when its supposed to see everything. With vertices, its easy to move the view so it can narrow it down to 1 possible part to click. With the faces, it might wish it knew if you were trying to click the back or front and doesnt wanna choose wrong?
Try drawing a bounding box or circle select only the dots on your faces, or select the vertices of both faces, then switch back to face mode