Can't select rotation

I have a very stupid problem, when I’m selecting move, rotate or scale, the scale and move handles work fine, but my rotation handle doesn’t allow me to select it, as soon as I do it disappears and the object starts rotating on any old angle, usually not the one I selected. I’m on a laptop so perhaps that’s it but talk about frustrating. Any clues as to what the issue is here? I’m new to Blender.

The rotate handle does disappear while rotating, but the axis you see the object rotating about should be consistent with the axis the handle is supposed to rotate things about. This is the axis perpendicular to the plane of the circle forming the handle.

Nevertheless, most users almost never use the handles. Using the G, R and S keys to grab/rotate/scale and the pressing the key (x/y/z) for the axis to constrain it is much faster and easier to use.