Cant select row of vertices

Hello! I am currently trying to create some Roblox GFX, but this happens:5

Upload an example .blend of the problem which includes the selection, and link to it.

Would also highly recommend never to post such starting posts again, especially without a .blend. The reason is that you’re reporting you can’t do something, showing a cropshot that hides everything, including selection modes and mesh elements the post is about, and even a proper screenshot wouldn’t be a substitute for a .blend.

As is, there are 3 responses the post could produce:

  • make a guess or list all of them, I’m not doing that
  • post the word “good”
  • ignore the post

Since you’re new, I chose the fourth option. Welcome :slight_smile:

If the rows terminate into a non quad, then it will not continue on past that point that point.

I’ve fixed the issue, although this is late. I had forgotten to remove duplicate selections.