Can't Select Things: Scary Things Happen

First of all, please excuse any ignorance on my part. I have only just downloaded blender and was attempting to start with Ryan Dale’s Character Rigging and Animation Tutorial.

However, my version of blender is giving me some strange results: I cannot select things in Object Mode (Edit Mode seems okay) by either the RMB (as the tutorial lead me to believe) or the left. I can occasionally select things with Ctrl+RMB but this seems to work when and how the program likes, and deselecting seems impossible. Ctrl-RMB when clicked multiple times covers the screen with a much larger version of the selected object as it would look when seen from the inside. I can see no useful application of this feature and so am lead to believe some form of bug is abound.

I am running blender 2.41 which I apt-got in Ubuntu linux. I am running this under a laptop: in deference to this I have selected ‘Emulate NumPad’. After twiddling with the other settings in the same window box, to no avail they are all back to their defaults.

Has anyone had similar problems, and would anyone like to tell me how to solve them?

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

AFAIK, CTR-RMB when selecting objects does the same thing as just RMB, that seems to be the case on my Windoze XP box anyway.

Do you have an ATI video card? There are known problems with ATI drivers/hardware with Blender. Do a search for “ATI / video”, try turning off or adjusting your hardware acceleration settings.

Possibly this thread might also have some answers