Cant Set Python Path

I am using windows ME and cannot seem to find a way to sset my python path. There is no autoexec.bat in the root directory! please help!


read the post below “New Yafray exporter. (UPDATE) Yable-0.30-3 is out”

Go to the two last or three last pages it explaines how to fix it.

well, now it kinda works…
But I get this:

Traceback<most recent call last>:
File “”, line 90, in ?
Could not create YABLEROOT directory

So whats the deal? please help!

Thanks in advance

Aw, jeeze. Sorry about that guys! I just saw a post partaining to my previous question. Now, however, I have a new one…

Whenever I try to render the XML file I get the following error(unless my files are in the yable directory)

Gramer loaded, starting parser…
error at line 1 column 1 token

Now I’m confused…

Thanks for your help!

I actualy dont remember, but you shoud check or uncheck NC or path button… Try it

still does not help… anything else?