Can't solve this problem

My program is too big to upload but maybe someone here can help from my description. First off i am still using 2.49 because i started this project using 2.49 and never finished it.Here is my problem: My attacker object is in scene I then can add other object that the first object(attacker object) will attack and kill, it works but not always. sometime the attacking object can’t kill(delete the object) . this does not make any sense that it works most of the time but not always.

Here is my setup, the object that will be killed is added to scene and will move around Once object detects killer object (radar sensor) which triggers running state, when attacking object touches (touch sensor)the object that will be deleted it will trigger dying state where object is ended and blood comes out. I have tried touch sensor, collision sensor, near sensor, all of them work for the most part but sometimes it does not work. I can’t figure it out unless it is a bug


You could try adjusting the collision bounds of each object. You could also turn on physics visualization to see the collision bounds.

Hi digiman,

I agree it sounds like collision bounds issue.

If you remove the textures your file might be small enough for posting

I should have mentioned that i used physics visualization and adjusted collision bounds but no matter what i do it does not work all the time,also my objects have armatures controlling their movements, I don’t think armatures will make a difference If you think it is a bounds problems i will keep tweaking but at this point i don’t think that will work.


Another strange thing is if an attacker object does not kill the objectX (object that can be killed ), if there is another attacker object in scene it may kill the objectX when it touches ObjectX so it can’t be a bounds problem for it to work sometimes and sometimes not work

Since you can’t upload your blend file, try to see I you can recreate the problem in a new simple blend file. This should give you more insight into what might be causing the problem and you’ll be able to upload the file.

Edit: Hmm, your new post makes it sound like it could be a logic problem. Could you post screen shots of your logic setup and explain how it works?

Here is a screenshot of my last 2 states for objects that will be killed. In the top image state i normally was using a touch sensor but in the image i was trying a collision and touch together hoping it would work. I have also tried different controllers, again hoping it would help. Once attacker object touches object that is supposed to be killed it should go into state killed where object bis ended and blood comes out. In that last image I have tried using a seperate sensor for the blood coming out but in the image i was experimenting with it a bit. Frustrating because it works about 80 % of the time