can't solve this weight paint problem

Check out my blend it is a low poly fish when in the top view rotate the MAIN bone in any directtion and only part of the head moves why? it looks weight painted


Did you include the attachment?

sorry, here it is. Hopefully you can tell me what is wrong, this is not the first time it has happened. the middle section to the tail works fine, i fooled with it and still could not fix it but i think the problem is with the other bones in area like the bones that control the eye and jaw. if i remove those bones problem gone, but i need those bones. Hopefully that will give a small clue on how to fix



blueface.blend (179 KB)

Hi digiman,

I looked at the .blend, found it confusing to a point.

when in the top view rotate the MAIN bone in any directtion and only part of the head moves why?
I assumed I would find a bone named ‘Main’, but all the bones have their default names: Bone, Bone.001, Bone.002, etc… So I rotated the bone name ‘Bone’ and yes, only part of the head rotates, it appears the lower jaw of the fish doesn’t rotate. From what I can see, and I didn’t spend much time with it, it’s because the lower jaw is weight painted to the bone named ‘Bone.005’. ‘Bone.005’ doesn’t move when you rotate ‘Bone’. If you grab ‘Bone.005’ and move it in top view you can get everything to line up.

But the real issue here I think is that bones aren’t parented to what they should be. ‘Bone.005’ should be a child of ‘Bone’ if you want it to move when you move ‘Bone’. I would also think that you want ‘Bone.006’, ‘Bone.007’, ‘Bone.011’ and a few others to move when ‘Bone’ rotates, they should be parented to ‘Bone’ as well…

Whew, I’m sick of typing ‘’, you might want to name your bones…



That’s what i thought when i removed those bones that where not moving with the head the head rotated. The problem came when i parented everything moved poorly then i reread what you wrote and i saw the problem I was making bone a child of bone.005 when you are a beginner you make silly mistakes
Thank you


Or you could go to the trouble of downloading the file, diagnosing the problem and preparing a reply BEFORE you check if someone else has already done it!

Embrace your mistakes…they are the only way to learn! Never be afraid to ask either :wink:

Happy Blendering