Can't Someone do something like this?

Hello everyone!

I’m no game maker, but I know when I find a game that I like. I recently dl and played the demo for a game called penumbra. DANG! Everyone into indie games should at least play the demo to this. Why can’t we make a game in blender with a similar control scheme? I personally think a remake of myst or riven with this sort of gameplay would be killer. Any thoughts?

Why can’t we? I’m sure Blender is more than capable of it. I’m sure YOU could try it.

Because I’m an idiot who struggles to model faces. Oh well, I’ll give it a try. Here’s my idea if anyone can pick up on it. When you click on and drag on an object, it would create a constraint between your mouse cursor and the object’s nearest vertice. Moving the mouse around would move the object on a plane localized to the camera view. Right clicking would give an impulse to the object at the point of contact, thus effectively throwing the object. Only trouble is, I have no experience with the blender game engine, but I’ll give it a shot.

learning the basics before attempting some crazy idea is always useful too.

Yep. Totally on that. I’m gonna try and learn some (alot) before I attempt something like that. I really just wanted to spark some genius’s imagination.