Can't speed up anim just by dragging keyframes [SOLVED]

Using Blender 2.75 on Win 7 64, I can’t drag the keyframes of a simple, (terrible) walk animation
to the left to make it shorter.

Might anyone know why? I coulda sworn I was able to do this on previous Blender versions.

(I’m using the pitchipoi rig. Also, the link to the blend file is irregularly large (almost 12mb).)

If anyone could tell me what I’m doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it.

Here’s the link to the blend.
The last keyframe is at 40, but the animation continues to 80 (what I initially had it set at).

(Apologies for not supplying the direct download link right here…)

Thanks in advance for any help!

I just sped up and slowed down the walk moving the keyframes in the graph editor, it worked fine.

trepaning, thank you very much for taking the time to check this out for me.
I apologize for failing to mention I hid the bone widgets.

Until now I never thought of using the graph editor.

Loading up that mesh I had linked, only 2/3rds of the “TRUE?” keyframes were shown in the dopesheet with only the deform bones selected/visible. Switching the mode from dopesheet to graph editor, as you said you did, no keyframes were visible with just the deform bones visible and selected. So that forced me to remember I’d hid the widget bones. I unhid (alt+h’d) the widget bones and all the keyframes showed up. (The animation originally only had 5 keyframes, but there were 2 other keyframes that had somehow got inserted between 1 and 2, and 2 and 3, so I guess that’s why I thought that that was all of’em)

In short, I’d surmise that if you’re using pitchipoi widget bones to keyframe, you must have them all highlighted in order to see all of the keyframes associated with rig, and the best way to make sure you’ve got all the bone-related keyframes showing is via the graph editor, because it forces you to have all the bones that matter visible. (It still strikes me as weird why some of the keyframes still displayed on the dopesheet with only the deform bones visible/selected, though.)

To me the graph editor is a more comprehensive way of viewing all the SELECTED bone rotations/locations/scales that’ve been keyframed, because if it ain’t selected it doesn’t exist.
Thanks to you, I’ll be sure to confirm using the graph editor from here on.

Thanks again! I thought I was going crazy there for a sec (sec = ~40 minutes)

awesome, you’re welcome and that is some good follow up info to keep in mind for my own stuff, thanks!