Can't subdevide the Lattice?

Ok, I have a really big problem. I can’t subdivide the Lattice that I’ve made. At all. What i did was add-lattice, just like normal, and i can’t do anything. No extruding, no subdividing, but i can change the size and location.
I have it connected to an object by way of Lattice modifier, but it does nothing for me, since i can’t extrude, loop cut, or subdivide the lattice.
Any help on this problem would be great! thank you!

it would be so much easier if i could just subdivide it…

look in F9 or F7 there are variables to increase the subdivision


I think he means after he’s made deformations.

What about the mesh deform modifier?

Under the mesh properties for the lattice, increasing the value for U, V, and W subdivide it.

ok it’s directly under F6 but you can change the U and V cvalues to change qty of subdivision!

this should already be shown in wiki book on lattice

have ever read here ounce at least ?

happy 2.5