Can't Turn Off Mirrored/Symmetrical Texturing

I built a helmet mesh around a symmetrical head template using Mirror Modifier. Whether or not it’s related I’m unclear however even after I apply the Mirror Modifier and have a mesh with two sides that can be separately manipulated I’m still left with everything I do in Texture Paint mode mirroring one side to the other.

I’m attempting to stencil a symbol at the center of the forehead but it always doubles up one half of the the image over to the opposite side, ruining both the text and the art contained in the image.

I’d just like a complete object to paint of without anymore symmetry/mirroring effects, any knowledgeable advice would anxiously received. Thank you.

***Fiddling with the Symmetry X,Y & Z tabs in the Tools section of Texture Paint mode didn’t seem to have any effect.

Did you UV unwrap the object before you applied the mirror modifier ? If you did then the UVs for each side of the object will be overlapping. Unwrap again so you don’t have overlapping UVs