Can't type < or > in the text window.

I am expecting some serious flaming about how stupid I am, but why can’t I type the characters ‘<’ and ‘>’ in the text window? Since these are useful (?) in Python scripts, I feel terribly stupid. I tried a forum search, but searching for this single char returned waht I expected - nothing.

Ehhhh… :expressionless:

it should work if you do “shift-comma” (,) or "shift-period (.)

<<<>>>> it workes in the text thingy. possibly your keyboard is messed up.

I have that problem too. Your keyboard input area scheme in Windows most probably is set to “german” (like mine). I think the problem is related to that. I tried to change the scheme but blender seems not to be affected, maybe if I reboot, but I won´t do that now, and it´s probably not a solution that would help you anyway.

I simply use Guido van Rossum´s “IDLE” to write scripts and then I load them into Blender´s script window to execute and test them. Blender´s script editor is not really made for editing scripts I think.

Like der_ton suggested, use an external editor (emacs of course ;)) to write your python scripts. In the textwindow you can then do ALT-R to reopen the edited file.

Thank you for the replies! Wouldn’t an ‘emulate US keyboard’-option be nice in the system settings? :wink:

Seriously, for quick changes in the script it would be good if the text editor worked with german keyboards. Bug?