Can't Un-Hide Objects

I’ve hidden a few objects in my scene and I can’t get them to come back by pressing alt-h. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

BTW They’re not deleted – they’re still in the scene graph.

I don’t think that you can’t unhide these objects. You can check easily if an object is hidden by looking at the outliner window. If an object is visible its eye-sign is enabled. Of course, you can unhide a hidden object by checking this sign.

Maybe you have accidentally moved your objects to another layer. So (unless you haven’t done this already) you might select them in the outliner window and look if they are really on the expected layer.

I can see them in the outliner, and their eye icons indicate that they’re not hidden. Also, they do not appear to be on any other layers.

Make sure you’re in Object Mode to unhide objects, Edit Mode to unhide vertices, faces, etc.

-Ron T.

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I’ve tried that several times, also. It doesn’t work.

What size are they? It’s possible that they might have gotten so shrunken down that they aren’t visible. Try enlarging them (S + 100 or 1000) and they might show up.

Unfortunately, the scale is at exactly 1. And I can tell that the scale is normal, because scaling up the hidden armature modifies the mesh.

If anyone’s interested, I have the blend file hosted here :

I can’t really think of anything else that would be causing the problem, so I would appreciate it if someone might be able to take a look.

In this file, the only object in the scene that is visible is the main mesh (“DressUp”). Another mesh (“Hat”) is not visible, and neither is the armature, camera, or lights.

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Maybe you are in local view. Press Numpad /

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you should more care what you are doing if you dont know the basics.
To enable the hat, select the hat in the outliner and switch in the
properties to the object part. There look at which layer this hat is set!
And you will notice the hat is at no layer – this is like its not full part of the scene.
Click into layer 1 (of the layer boxes there and make it gray/checked) and the hat will appear again …

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An object in no layer at all is new to me. Seems more like a bug

The local view thing worked. I had no idea that even existed! And it’s such an easy hotkey to hit by accident. THANKS!

here a list of all objects


list LEN obj_sel= 1
jj= 0 i= DressUp Type MESH

easy to do with little script

very strange that local was not set and feel this may be a bug
should report this and sent original file with bug!

there are things one should care a lot, example:

move an object to layer 5
enable this layer 5 too
then hide this object
disable layer 5
you can press alt-h (unhide) as much as you want
you cannot unhide the object until you make the layer its on
to one of the displayed layers …

so, if you did hide an object and dont care about the layer it was
on, then it might look like you cannot unhide it any more …
as long as the layer its on is not one of the displayed layers …

I had a similar issue.

I had the armature hidden in pose mode so I just had to switch into pose mode and hit alt+h.