Cant understand nodes

i do like im seeing in guides but i dont understand why sometimes its working and sometimes it isnt. im trying to mix up different nodes and instead its just replaces them from one to another

what do you mean by mix up/replace? Node inputs are 1:1, you can’t have many wires going into 1 input (or vice-versa), you have to use the Mix node to combine values.

Also if your mesh has multiple materials, the editor might switch automatically to the second material when you click it.

If you are using Node Wrangler and have a node selected, then use shift + A to add a new node it will add the new node…if you accidentally hit shift + S it will replace the node with the new one… I have had this happen many times…you have to be a bit careful…

The Mix setting for blend mode will blend between two images so that one gradually replaces the other. Your current setting for fac is 0.5 so you’ll have a 50/50 mix between the two. Increasing the value will increase how much the second image replaces the first.

If you wish to combine the images in another way, such as overlaying noise over the skin, then change the blend mode to something like overlay, soft light, multiply, etc.

You can use fac to control the strength or input a black and white texture, vertex paint, procedural texture, or other output from another node to control the strength differently in different areas.

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Hi there,

Another thing to add is that your mapping node seems to be way off the usual specs. For a noise in this case, you do not need to change location, and the rotation. Also the scale is way way too high, also on the noise texture. Noise usually breaks above a few thousands (depending on the situation).

So the scale is so high, it should almost be like white noise :smiley: so that way, you won’t really see the effect of the mix the way you want.

If I were you, I would simply “reset” the mapping node to 000 000 111, and preview the noise node until you see it is fine. Also, consider using multiply, factor 1, or overlay maybe, depending on what you exactly want :slight_smile:

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