Can't Unjoin

I am doing a project building a sailboat… I had a file for the name plate that
goes to the back of the boat… I had it up against the boat, had to convert it to a mesh
object… did that… got it positioned against the stern of the boat and selected it and then
selected the boat hull… did ctrl+J to join the two…

am getting ready to render the boat and suddenly my name plate is out away from the stern
of the boat… I can’t get it to unjoin… I’ve been going into Edit and selecting the name plate
and doing P and then selection… but it will not unjoin… I need to reposition the object back
against the stern again…I don’t know why it changed position AFTER I did the Join function…

not it is attached to the stern even though it is far away from it in the image and I can’t get them

any suggestions? I am in the process of learning Blender…

thank you
appreciate any help you can give

I see no link to your blend file !!

Not sure if I got the file attached right or not… if you look at the left view… to the back of the stern, is the name plate just floating back there… When I joined it to the hull, it was against the stern… I checked it from the side view to be sure it was against the boat before I did the join…
thanks for looking at it… if you don’t get … will try again to attach the file… I think I sent the right file…



Sailboat complete.blend (1.86 MB)

1)View from right
2) Select the sloop hull
3) Tab into edit mode
4) hit a until no vertices are selected
5) Hit z to go into wireframe mode
6) zoom in a little towards the letters
7) use box select (hit b) and drag a rectangle fully around the letters
8) hit p, choose selection]
9) tab into object mode (hit z to exit wireframe mode)
10) right click the letter, they are a separate object
11) in the tools panle (hit t) click the origin button, choose origin to center of mass
11) move the letters

The main hull and the steering wheel have good enough topology, although I can tell that the center console area has been made using the boolean modifier. Unfortunately it just won’t work. If you try and put a subsurf modifier (which will be on virtually every object you model) you will see how bad the shading becomes.

Also you should be working with a mirror modifier. Whenever you model a symmetric object 9 times out of 10 it would behoove you use the mirror modifier. It’s half the work, and you have gauranteed symmetry.

Excellent start and very neat sailboat.

I have to run right now, but if you want some ideas on better topology I can write later. Welcome to BA! :cool:

Thanks so much for your reply… am going to try and unjoin the name plate and rejoin again…
I never heard of Mirror modifier yet… I am using a book called “Blender 3D Basics” to try and learn Blender… the steps to doing the sloop, uses the Boolean. Since I’m new to the program, didn’t know there was another way…
I would love some ideas on better topology while I am trying to learn this…

appreciate your help… I’m hoping one of these days I’ll get better at this… I do enjoy learning it and doing things in it…
have a good day

Thank you again Photox… I just did your steps and got it unjoined… thank you so much
I appreciate all the help… with learning this, I do try to solve my problems before I post… I
post a question as my last resort …

There is certainly a learning curve with Blender, and really you just need to try and work through it and get comfortable. I’ll make a short list of things I wish I knew earlier in my journey and provide a link to some of the top shelf blender tutorials out there.

  1. Save and save often.
    If your model is looking good and you’ve made progress – save it, and then save a new version. A simple way is starting with sailboat-11.blend. Work some and save it, and then ‘save as’ sailboat-12… There’s not a skilled modeler out there who hasn’t hit some key and destoryed a model, having those old versions can be a life saver.

  2. If the shading looks funny (dark or just not looking right) Try these 3 things before pulling your hair out.
    Select the model, and tab into edit mode
    hit a until all verts are selected
    open your tools panel (hit t) click ‘remove doubles’
    hit ctrl n to recalculate your normals

Two top tutorial sites are blender cookie, and blender guru.

Many blender cookie tutorials are by Jonathan Williamson who is as close as you’ll get to the final word on modeling. Jonathan has a straightforward and professional style.
Blender Cookie (click the nav bar, tutorials, blender basics, or look around)

Blender Guru is a site created an run by Andrew Price. Andrews presents his tutorial in a fun, funny and energetic style. The tutorials tend to be a bit more flashy and are a lot of fun.

This tutorial on cycles helped me understand how the newest render engine (Cycles) works. It’s a scene of donuts.

This tutorial opened my eyes to fluid simulations and helped me realize just how powerful simulations can be. It’s become a bit of a classic tutorial, and Andres shows how to have water pouring, and kind of spilling out, of a drinking glass.

thank you Photox… Appreciate your tips… I wrote them down and am downloading the two tutorials you have here… I have seen some of Andrew price’s stuff… he does a good job… I’ve been on both sites before while looking for information… I started trying to learn it because I write a blog of children’s stories and thought I might try a short animation for it once in a while… Lot of work but am enjoying trying to learn it… I do get frustrated at times and then I go searching for information and try and try again… I do save a lot but will start doing the save with different names at times (name-no.) I had a problem with some Bezier items crashing my program when I tried to render… had to reload all the parts for the sloop except those two items and complete it without them… Took me a while to figure out what was crashing the program…
thanks so much… am reading my book and the next project is making a sea and terrain… will see how this goes…
have a great night…