can't unlock evaluation time on curve

Hi. When I set an object to follow a curve, the evaluation time is defaulted to locked so I can’t insert keyframes to control when the follow curve starts. When I look in the f-curve editor there is no option to unlock it. There’s only the little eye icon. I’m using 2.56-beta.

Just in case, here’s what I’m trying to do. I created a curve that curves up and then goes diagonally down in a straight line. I want the object to travel to the top of the curve for say 100 frames and then down the diagonal for say 50.

Is “follow path” the best way to do this? I want the object to follow the curve, but I also wish to control the time and place.

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Easiest way I know is using a follow path constraint, not parenting, enable ‘Fixed Position’ and keyframe the offset value. But do you need a curve, isn’t just enough to key the location…?

edit: forgot to say, you can also manually keyframe the evaluation time, you need to first remove the generator from properties panel and the curve can be edited, add points with ctrl+click and so…

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Thanks for the response. I need the curve because I want the object to follow a smooth curve at a linear rate. I’ve played with the constraints quite a bit but my objects move in a straight line instead of following the curve. The only way I can get it to stay on the curve is by “follow path”.


by default the evaluation_time fcurve has a modifier added to it … remove the modifier (graph editor properties panel ) and then you can keyframe in the evaluation time. Attached simple example.

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thank you! that was a huge help!


Hmmm, if i delete the modifier i’m not able to add a keyframe to the graph editor, any ideas?