can't use all short cut suddenly

Hi guys, I dunno know if i pressed any button wrongly that i couldn’t use all short cut (e.g. delete “X”, undo “com+Z”,etc.):(how to fix it?
Thanks in advance!

Is your cursor over the active scene when you hit “X”?

i wish it’s that reason but not…:frowning:
How come?

The keys only work if your cursor is currently over the section of the screen where you’d like to use the tool your accessing, if that makes sense. For example, if you’re rendering a scene and you want to stop the render, you can hit escape. If your cursor isn’t inside the rendering window the escape key seems to do nothing. For the longest time I thought the escape key was only working part of the time and didn’t realize what was really happening. Didn’t think it would be that simple for you, but you never know.


Copy Your startup file…And try go Menu line - file - Load Factory Settings…If it work…Replace Your copy of the startup file with the new startup file Blender have made…)

Hope this can help.


hi guys, i dunno why i can press those shortcuts now. Anyway, thanks for all your responses. :slight_smile: