cant use blender player!?

when i try to save one of my game’s runtime, it will tell me i did it. but when i go into my files and try to play it with blender player it keeps telling me “this application has failed to start because zlib.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.” i looked online and sum1 said something about copy and pasting it over and over again. it didnt work. please help if u can :no:.

In your blender directory (the folder that has the blender program), you will find a bunch of .dll files. Copy and paste the dlls that are needed into the same folder as your game.

Or you can copy all the dll files from the blender folder into the C:/WINDOWS/system32 folder.

Is it working now?

ITS ALIVE! thanks a bunch guys. ur life savers.

Usually when I’m just testing my game, I just save it directly into the Blender program folder to save myself the trouble of copying and pasting.