Can't use Optix render in Blender with RTX 2060 Super GPU

Hello everyone !

So this has been going on for a while, but I ignored it as CUDA rendering was enough for my needs… Today I decided to fix it after waiting a few hours for a frame, so I reinstalled my whole OS (windows 10), my GPU drivers, and it still doesn’t work, it’s driving me crazy…

Although Blender recognises both my GPUs in CUDA mode (a RTX 2060 SUPER and a GTX 750Ti), I get an error in Optix Mode " No compatible GPUs found for Cycles"… This seems to be the case for all 3.X version (just tried the latest 3.2), although it does work in 2.93…

I’ve read quite a few threads on this, but I could find a solution to solve it, would anyone have ideas ?

Thank you !


Both GPU’s meet Blender documentation requirements: “OptiX is supported on Windows and Linux and requires a Nvidia graphics cards with compute capability 5.0 and higher and a driver version of at least 470”. Yet 2060 Super has compute capability 7.5 and GTX 750 TI 5.0 (Nvidia CUDA GPUs list), you may have experiencing version conflict. If you test render time in a single card, CUDA vs Opitx, you will check that difference isn’t that much. In your case stick to CUDA.