Can't use psd-files in 2.49b?

Hey, I’ve just installed blender 2.49b and opend my latest project. There I use psd-files for textures but they don’t work any longer. Does this problem occure only on my system or do anybody have the same one? Perhaps you even have a solution?

I’m recently using vista 64bit. Maybe that’s the curse??

Thanks for your assistance!

.psd file support in Blender requires parts of Quicktime libs to work. The Windows 64bit version of Blender doesn’t have Quicktime support compiled within so you can’t open .psd files.

From the download page for Windows 64bit version:

The 64bit release of Blender for Windows is still in a development stage: it doesn’t support all possible features yet, like FFMPEG, OpenAL and Quicktime.

Install Blender 32 bit version (or another 64bitOS), along with Quicktime, and you’ll be good to go, until development of Blender 64bit catches up.


Hey, thanks! I has installed the 32bit version before I posted this thread, but I hadn’t istalled quicktime! Now it works fine. Thank you!