Can't use the <> Key in 2.25

(Doc Holiday) #1

:frowning: In 2.23, the <> Key works fine. Is this a Bug? I use a German Keyboard.
Thx 4 Help
Cu, Doc

(rwenzlaff) #2

They work the same for me under 2.23 and 2.25.
(dotkey rotate around cursor, commakey rotate around center - β€œ<” and β€œ>” are over β€œ,” and β€œ.”, resp.)

Are they located/do they do something else on a german kbd?


(Doc Holiday) #3

Dot - and CommaKey are OK. On German KBD, the <> Key is located right of the left ShiftKey. I can’t use this <> Key for Python Scripts and Logic Bricks. If i press it in tha Text-Window, nothing happens. What’s going on? :frowning: