Can't UV map bezier object

Hi Blender Friends,

I’m trying to make a Windows 7 / Windows Vista -style box with a UV map of the real retail cover onto the front face. As I’m sure you know for some reason Microsoft have made these boxes with a rounded corner. I’m trying to model the same effect in Blender, but to no avail.

I can get a nice bezier object and extrude it and it looks exactly the right shape, but when I want to do something like a UV map there the momentum breaks because I can’t select the face of the object, only the individual bezier nodes.

Hence that ‘mapping’ thing that appears in the UV editor doesn’t appear, so although I’ve set up a ‘TexFace’ in the Materials and the image I want is showing in the UV editor my efforts to map the image don’t meet with any success.

In the mesh object it was relatively easy provided you set everything up correctly - which I didn’t - doh!! but once I got that going I found it no trouble. This bezier curver has got me though, but I can’t see why it shoudn’t be possible.

How do I select the bezier curve object’s faces, so I can do UV maps on it?

Thanks, Blender Friends!! :smiley:

p.s. I’ve attached a screen-shot


You need to convert the bezier curve to a mesh object Alt+C.


Hi Richard,
I tried that, but when I do the UV map is a very complex looking beast. Isn’t there any way I can do this without converting the bezier curve object to a mesh?

Why dont you just model with subsurf on?
It wont be hard to get the rounded corner, and it’ll make UV Mapping a lot easier.

No. You can only UV a mesh as it is a ‘real’ object. You can change the resolution of the curve before you convert to a mesh if that helps.


Hi there Richard,
It’s working a little bit now that I tried a different ‘Unwrap’ option. The first option I had been using made a very messy looking UV map in the Image editor, and the problem is that the image I am trying to map is not flat so I have to try to get this perfectly lined up with the mesh object and it’s difficult to make it look convincing.

Ok, Cire792, I’ve just been looking at a YouTube tutorial on Sub-Surf in Blender. This option does make the mesh a lot smoother but is it possible to select what parts you want smoothing? Because otherwise the whole box will be rounded!

Thanks all,

Umm, if you add more loop cuts at the corners it’ll be a shaper edge.
Give it a try, post a screen here if you cant get a nice looking box.

Thanks, Cire792. I’ll read up and do something. Then if I can’t get anything I’ll do just what you say.

I’m very grateful for the help.


If your gonna do some reading I suggest you start here.
the knowledge can be applied to blender, and it teaches you how to model using subsurf.

That’s very useful, cire792. Thanks, I’ll check into it.
I’ll let you know when I have any thing worth mentioning.

Hi Blender Friends,
I did as cire792 suggested (see attached screen-shot) and managed to get a box that has sub-surf on to have sharp edges using loop-cut and edge select. I think this is what you’re saying I should do with the Windows Vista Box if I’m right.

Also, I had a look at that sub-patch tutorial, cire792 but I thought it was talking about stuff that wasn’t in Blender, only LightWave. I know it’s uses the same Cat-Hill (sorry if I didn’t get the name) algorithm but Blender provides no control whatsoever as to how this sub-surf is done, only if it is done or not. I think that was the idea of using loop cut and edge select if I’m not mistaken.

As such therefore I didn’t find the material in cire792’s Sub-patch tutorials all the useful although interesting. If anything I now know why LightWave costs so much money and Blender is free software.

I hope this is helping you to do your job of helping me. Let me know if it does not! :smiley:

Cheers, Blender Friends.


first off, I believe the name is catmul clark subdivision.
second, Shift +E controls the amount of subsurf
third, the bezier shape you were working with works just fine. Just convert to a mesh using ALT+ c

I uv unwrapped from view (front view) and everything lined up.
my stab at it is attached
the one on the left is the subsurf method (really fast, I might have wanted to shift+e the front, but I didn’t , oh well)

The one on the left is the curve one alt+c meshed and uv unwrapped from (front )view
so uKEY --> UV UNWRAP --> Project from View
when you’re looking directly at it in orthographic (NUMPAD 5 for toggle ortho/perspective)
then just scale it to match the picture
good luck


As far as I can see, there is nothing in the linked tutorial page that can’t be done exactly the same in Blender. And yes, it uses loop-cuts to control the subsurfing.

Best wishes,

Ahh shift e!
the simple answer, why did that slip my mind?
Yes, Shift - E, is an alternative to adding more edges.
It creates creases.

But here’s my stab at it.
Not any different from AMDBCG’s
but I’ll post the blend, hopefully you can figure out how subsurf works with it.
I didn’t use Shift-E though.
And just used project from view for UV
Txtures are packed in as well.

The thing I was trying to get at tho, was hard and curved corners.

If you look at my blend you’ll see how I’ve used these.


WinBox.blend (288 KB)

Thanks, cire792. I’ve got that right here on my computer. That’s worth a million!! Thanks, I’ll play with it until I get something. I must say I’m quite impressed with Blender thanks to you guys. I was beginning to think Blender was a poor program but I am just an idiot. I’ll have a play on it now.

Cheers Blender Friends, nice job by the way!!

Hi cire792.
Ok, I can’t figure how you did yours. I know I’m being a bit thick but it seems a bit mysterious to me. I understand the Shift - E technique - that’s pretty easy just grab an edge and pinch but I don’t understand how Cire792 did his model. I don’t know if you could do a YouTube tutorial on how you made that box as it’s perfect and I can’t see how you did it without this Shift - E technique, cire792.

Much obliged.

Cheers, Blender Friends.

p.s. I attached a screen-shot of a cube I squared off the easy way using the - Shift - E technique.


Hi cire792,
Well, I still can’t figure out you genious but I got my poor little Blender skills stretched as far as doing SHIFT - E to create the Windows 7 style rounded box. I’ve posted the result.

If you can, cire792, I’d appreciate any info on how you didge that ‘EDGE-LOOP’ and ‘CROSS-HATCH’. I played with the model you did and it’s really nice, specially the little ‘palm-tree’ lamp you put on top of it, very cosy.

Great talking to you.


Let’s not go as far as genious, but anyways.

My loop cut is close to the corner, so thats why its a sharper edge.
Here’s a subsurfed shot, which has the nice curve
and then without subsurf, at the corner, you can see the spacing of the actual geometry.

Well I’ll do my best at doing a little write up.
This is my first time writing a how to…

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/6/9/69da715827e7bf2867198aff0ec236b5312b5fd9.jpg" width="370" height="500"><br/>

Oh, the palm tree thing is a hemi light, and I turned on AO.
Nice quick way for lighting an object.

Hi cire792.
That’s nice, friend. When you did ‘Add Sub-surfs’ in figure 4 you added sub-surfs only to part of the model. I thought you could only add sub-surfs to the entire object, but I can see that you only did this to the corner. I begin to understand now how it is possible to do this without using the SHIFT-E cheat technique.

Thanks for all that work you did explaining it. It’s beautifully layed out and put together. It’s a good job there’s good men like you in this bad world!! Thanks!

I’ll post a link to my final ‘animation’ I’m creating when I got it looking nice. It’s nothing astounding, just boxes lining-up, but I’m trying to improvise as I go along.

Take care y’all,

Subsurf is applied to the whole model.
The faces selected are the faces I moved to the left.

Good luck with the animation project!