cant walk through plants

hi fellow artist im new to this program and to the website. just want to say thanks to all the blenderions that made tuts because with out them i would be lost in this excellent program. im wondering if any of you no how to make a bush that allows one to walk through it im sure you guys do but i need just a little help with it cause i cant figure it out. by the way the plants need to work in cryengine2 i allready got it in cryengine2 but cant walk through it. So if any body can help me with this would be much appreciated thanks for your time.


Hi Van! Glad you like the tutorials.

This board has many forums for asking questions and such, and your post was posted in the News forum, which is the wrong forum. You need to ask a moderator to move this thread to the Game Engine forum. People in that forum can probably answer your question.

In Blender you model the bush, either as as a crossed-planes or as a bush shape. Then in Cryengine, you do NOT mark it as solid or as an “actor” in the physics of the game engine, and you will be able to walk through it.

Can only Game Engine do such thing, or is it possible to have solid objects collision detection working in 2.5 animations?

Sounds more like a cryengine2 question than a blender question.

If you want to have objects in blender game enigne that you can walk through, set them to No Collision in the physics panel in the game tab of the buttons. It will then be excluded from the physics engine. If you need collision detection use static but turn on ghost, then you can go through it but it will register collisions.

The XSI Mod Tool (or XSI demo) is a much better free application to make assets for the Cryengine. There’s a Crytek addon for it that I use, and it works great. It can also make breakable props, while blender can only export solids with textures.

Also, in the Editor, if you have problems bumping into vegetation, I think there’s a checkbox on the right that enables or disables collision. If not, set the mass and density to a negative number, that works for me. But, another benefit of the Mod Tool is that there are physical properties export settings as well, and one of the choices is no collision.

Welcome, My blender friend, hope you’ll stick around for a while

regards, Hewi