cant watch vid tutorials on mac!!!

I’m hoping someone can help me here! I’m absolutely new to blender but am really really keen to dive into it. Unfortunately, whenever I try to watch a video tutorial my mac doesnt seem to want to do it!! I’m checking out the videos on sites like where the videos are all streamed and seem to be DivX/AVI files. I have quicktime installed and should be able to play these files but can’t! Am I missing some software or do I need to change some settings?? I’ve played around with this for a while now and just can’t get it to work! I’m eager to not let this put me off learning Blender but I can’t learn it as good without the videos!!

Any help please?? cheers. Gdrum

There are several Codecs missing in the standard Quicktime.
You could install further QuicktimeComponents.
Search for:
Xiph QT (ogg/theora) files
Flip4Mac (avi/wmv/Windows)
Perian Component (xvid and much more)

Another Option is installing VLC for Mac, which brings a huge load of Codecs on the Mac, but is an extra player.