Canyon and stuff

Hi :smiley:
I just finished this project. It started with a spaceship flying around in the canyon. And ended up like this, I’m pretty happy with it.
What do you think about it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

it’s, uh, interesting.

the lightning looks fake, and the scene lacks, well, a subject, as you so aptly put it: ‘stuff.’

what is the goal of this? Is this art for art’s sake? Or is it just something you did?

You did a really good job with the mood. I like it, and I can actually picture myself standing there. Really nice.

I think you’ve done well. You’ve obviously tried quite a few different techniques in this image, possibly the result of a few tutorials?

With reference to Samadam’s comments, there is a lack of subject about the scene, although it seems you had intended to have more about it. Perhaps you could start this one again from scratch, incorporating what you’ve learnt in making this version.

The composition could be improved by moving the lightning over to the right hand side of the image, to balance it out more.

A good start,


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I agree, the lightning and lighting should and could be made better, and the scene could use something funky.

SanAdaim: My intentions were to create something natural and have no human-made object, such as pyramids, baboons, sphynx and all those egyptian things. I also wanted to set a mood to the image which I think I accomplished well :slight_smile:

Sonix: I used no tutorials. I was just playing around :slight_smile: