Canyon Demo

Here is a demo of a canyon environment with a mouse controlled camera.

Canyon demo (Compressed .blend, Blender 2.43)
(sorry the screenshot is really dark, I’m still working on the lighting)

Controls and more info in the blend file.
Comments and Crits welcome.

looks cool - don’t know enough about cameras to help though

Very promising. Are you planning to make a game from this, or was it just a test? I’ll definitely be looking at your camera zoom method to see if you used the same one I do. I’m hoping to find the time to write a lengthy tutorial called “Camera Tricks” sometime in the near future. We’ll see, though. I tend to have more to do that I can get done…

BTW, just curious, how did you generate the terrain?

Thanks, I do plan on eventually putting this as part of a large scale game which will have separate areas. The camera controls will be universal of course. Most of the work went into the bridge and the camera controls for this demo. I will write up a short tutorial explaining how the camera system works if anyone is interested. Blendenzo, you can learn all you want from the camera controls, the important parts are the two empties, RotVert and RotHori, the camera, and the three scripts attached to those.

Subdivided plane, circle select mode (press b twice), draw out shape of elevated path, move those verts up. Nothing special, just some basic modeling.

Downloading as we speak… cool man XD