Canyon Dogfight - Terrian modelling and lighting WIP

Here we go: Since i’m basically done with my new interceptor, i decide to put the thing in a scene, since i put in so much time making it. I finally got the thing to a point where i can post something, so here we go. There’s going to be other ships in the cannon, and laserfire everywhere, but thats all in the future.

c&C welcome
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Download ‘Terragen’ to make some awesome terrain. It’s a free terrain generator - and you could comp the resulting image as a backdrop for your scene. It was used (in a modified form) to make all the flight scene backgrounds in the new movie ‘Stealth’.

does terragen make 3d objects, or just backdrops?

It renders from a heightmap, I don’t think you can export the terrain mesh - but I’m sure someone will correct me if you can :stuck_out_tongue:

You could try to export the heightmap. Use it as a texture for an about 10 times subdivided plane and then click the noise button a few times.

Should be worth a test…

c ya