Canyon Racer

Hey all,

I finally finished my F1 entry. This is much closer to what I originally wanted, and I consider the other one a WIP (which is why the new thread; also, I recently lost my webspace and all my files/images).

Anyway. . .hope you all enjoy it.

Click thumbnail for image

For reference, here is the old version:


wow that looks great. Great environment and lighting. 5 stars

I really like it! There’s something deep about the canyons and all… Makes you stop. Somehow maybe one could get more into it if there was a pilot you could like… see. If there’s a human in there usually you can “connect” with it better.

this is worth a handfull of stars.

The detail added to the environment has really improved the scene.

Thats friggin cool! (Yes I said friggin! :D)

awesome. the wings are really cool.

agree with above crits and i also think it’s lacking some motion.

but amazing none the less.

It looks very nice. The overall feeling of it is much better than of the previous version.
5 stars.

Its very nice, but I expected some DOF especially where the vapour trail would be by the exhaust. I also think that it looks guite static but I dont think that motion blur would be the best course of action.

Great scene! 5 stars!

I like this one much more than the old one as well. The environment is just much better and more delicate. Which brings me to the question, how did you actually make that? Modeled all of the stuff manually or used some kind of Landscape generator? Because, it looks excellent.

Beatufiul work! and a remarkable improvement fromt he first draft.

Very well executed. How did you get the landscape ? Did you modelled it ?
Great job Obiwan_C

Veryyyy nice !
I want to know how you ahve made the bacground to.
I think it will be cool to have some athmosphéric post prod
on the starship (motion blur and lighting effect).
Why not ?
Very very good job anyway !!

Very awesome!
Looks like you used vue or something for the background… how did you do it?

as always, I love the style. it was one of my favorite in the challenge, and definitly worth 4.7 stars :stuck_out_tongue:

the only thing I’d tweak would be the sun (the spec on the wing) orientation. The lighting is slightly off considering the sun position, but hell, sometimes style is better than complete realism! :cool:

keep up the good work!

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the kind words and crits! Wow, I can’t believe it made the header!

Okay, the landscape creation was pretty simple, and went something like this: First, I drew up a picture of of the canyon, trying to get your general canyon shape:

Then I drew some little doodly-angular things to break up the evenness of the surface:

Then I scanned them into the computer, combined them together in the GIMP, filled in the different areas with various shades of grey, and used the resulting image to displace a heavily-subdiveded plane in Blender:

As you can see, it didn’t look so good at the moment. So, I too my canyon texture (which I put together from a bunch of satellite photos of a desert), turned it black and white, and made it into a displacement map. I also used the same map, after playing with the contrast a bit, to get a texture for the placement of the particle trees. The trees were just different versions of one plane-alpha-mapped original. (here’s a closeup):

And that’s about it! I had to do three versions of the canyon, one high res for close up, and the others in the distance lower, so that my computer wouldn’t die come render time. I also rendered in layers to further save on time, and composited the elements together in GIMP.

If anyone has anymore questions, feel free to ask, I’ll try to answer them!



Moved to the gallery.


Great work! Though I got to thinking, if the racer was moving fast, then that would blur the ground right? And even if it weren’t moving, there’d still be DOF and a lot of atmosphere in between you and the ground. Still, I’m not complaining, because the image still looks absolutely stunning. Congrats on making the gallery!


Wow. Absolutely amazing. Five stars. Love the textures and ship design. Everything else too :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes on how you did the back ground - very nice detail, and I love the textures.

I think the picture is perfect. No crit, only praise. Saved to desktop :slight_smile: