Canyon Racing

Hey I’m again at Work :yes:

comment and reply :slight_smile:

i post a demo :wink:

setup made by Raiderum :slight_smile: Thanks! :slight_smile:


_car sound
_speedometer with gears
_i’m going to make many cars :smiley:


_drifting is making problems


very nice car.

I am not very good with Cars… but the round Part where the Wheels are in… that looks rather wrong. Maybe it shall be this Way and I just don’t know better but the Wheels and the Wheel-Pits (…) do not match.
The Environment seems streched to emphasize the Feelin’ of Speed, but when the Car would slow down, that might look a Bit ugly. I suggest increasin’ the Camera.Lens Value dependin’ on the Vehicle’s Speed.

why would you ever slow down in a racing game :stuck_out_tongue:

Race Start
Wrong Way Turnaround


this is awesome
but this car is liiter crazy
the direction of his is very crazy