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Hi all,

New to Blender and coming from 3dsmax, I 'm wondering if there is something like the caphole modifier.
For those who don’t know what it is, you select some borders, add the modifier and it will automatically create faces to cap the hole between borders. Really great.

I’ve tried the F touch, bu it doesn’t seem to be that or I dont know how to use it correctly. So let me know…

EDIT : in fact F key runs on easier geometry

If you’re talking about faces. Click the surrounding vertices’s or edges then F will fill the hole, but if you’re talking cylinder wise. Like capping a cylinder then I’m not exactly sure. Good question. I’m a newbie too, but to 3D modeling in general lol.

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Shift F does a fill for multiple polygons however for cylinders excetera it’s very messy. I tend to edge loop select, (alt right mouse button) duplicate, (ctrl D) collapse, (ctrl m) then make face using the central poly and edge loop. This gives the same result as capping ends when making the cylinder. In all probability theres a better way, I’ve just yet to find it.

What about edge loop selection, extruding the selection, ESC, and then W->merge at center?

or extrude, scale zero, remove doubles.

Yes extrude is working fine, but sometimes I’m a lazy man. So Ctrl+f is just what I was looking for, thanks for the replies.

Sorry for posting in such an old thread, but since it’s among the first google results regarding this topic I think it might be useful, especially for users looking to free themselves from Autodesk’s rental license prison.

Blender 2.79 now has a “QuadCap” feature (you need a (paid) plugin to do that in 3ds btw) that works great on cylinders.
Just select the hole you want to fill, hit CTRL+F(although it opens Face Edit menu it works even if you loop-selected edges) and from the menu choose “Grid Fill”. It should automatically cap the hole with all quads and you can also modifiy or rotate the newly created faces in the Operator panel(provided you didn’t click somewhere else immediately after you used Grid Fill).

To do something more similar to what classic Max’s Cap Holes does, i.e. cap hole with a single face, choose "Make Edge/Face(or hit F) from the same menu instead. It works with multiple holes selected too.

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