CAPED CRUSADER... without a cape?

Hey all

I’ve got a character that im working on and i wanna know if there is an easy way of making a cape, preferably animatable. Also is there any way of making wind, thus moving the cape. Also how to make clothes, i need a skin tight superhero outfit, like the ones with the underpants on the outside.


Model the cape and parent it to the mesh (or Root bone of the Armature if you’re animating), use SoftBodies on it and a Wind Field (F7 Physics buttons) to move it.

Duplicate the areas you want clothes and scale them to size then model seams, hems and wrinkles or whatever. Delete the verts you duplicated them from, so you don’t get knees etc sticking thru and join clothes mesh to the remaining body mesh (if necessary).

Search for Clothes, there are stacks of posts about this.


Hey thanks
I’ll try not to deprive him of a cape, once i finish shaping the body. Which is the topic of this reply. He’s basiclly a kid (his name is ruth boy (don’t ask me why)) and i want him to have a big muscly chest like Mr. Incredible, but the best i can do so far is pretty pathetic. I have too many verts to handle because i extruded the chest from the bottom of a 32 vertice UV sphere (good idea at the time) and i now have a massivly overpopulated body. Is there any way to kind of un-loop cut stuff so that i don’t have to reconnect all the vertices and remodel the entire character? (.blend) - don’t play with the head! its meant to be like that (if u do end up fixing it for me could you make it the same kind of style as the head (stylisised cartoon kind of) - ta

Haven’t you seen The Incredibles?
Edna Mode: “NO CAPE!” :D:D:D

yea but he isn’t going to be flying to close to any jet turbines though:D

select the loop you want to delete buy holding shift alt right click then press x and select edge loop