Capping the Ends of Curves

When I add a Bezier curve, then make it 3d and add bevels so it looks like a pipe, is there any way I can make the ends curved so they’re not just flat? I figure I could turn the curves into meshes, then join them with half a sphere, but is there a way to do it without changing it to a mesh?


You need to ask this in the modeling forum, not in the basics forum.
After you bevel, and make it a mesh. Just grab the vertices on the ends and scale them closer together. or you can close them too. Or you can select 4 or 3 vertex points and F to make a face.

If you really want to stay with curves, you could use a TaperObject as shown (crudely) here. You will need pretty high resolution in both the taper object and at the ends of the original curve to get a good hemisphere.

Edit: Ignore the Width and Extrude values, they are accidents and not relevant here.