Capricious soul

rendered with cycles

faceboock fan page:

Wow, this is very crazy, I loved it!

Very good one!!!
Formidable. Bravo!

thank you this is very encouraging!

This is pure art, congrats on this amazing result!

Thats really cool man, i really like how the mesh is weaves its way into a solid like the left arm and bottom of the torso, kudos

Very curious protruding shoulder

nice effect :slight_smile:


Was the lack of smoothing on the woman intentional?

Very good one!!! Thank you for shareing.

I like the idea but I think the DOF is a little bit over!

The creative is well made and very original, however, this model reminds me of some model made ​​by maya too. I say you your work is very good.

Wow that is amazing!

Great work man!

Just pure epicness. :slight_smile: Keep up man!