capsicum anyone??

well here is my try at making a capsicum hope you like and if there are problems with the image please let me know


c and c accepeted

Textures? sculpting? shadows, composition?
sorry, but this doesn’t look like a “finished project” you should post in under WIP.

well atleast i know its not completed now

If you claim to accept criticism and even go so far as to make a new post in the thread pointing it out…then accept it. Its not cool to summarize valid points as “sucks”. Also asking for comments and criticism and then deciding to hide behind noob/old is a bit lame.

I would start improving it by looking at the material. The specular seems to be a bit off (default?) to me. There are a lot of good pepper photos posted in this forum that might help nail down the material settings: After that, try to find distinguishing features that could be shown off by a texture (esp. a normal map).

But what would really make this one pop is if you split one of the peppers open and had a go at modelling and texturing the insides. There are some great opportunities to do neat things with modelling and texturing inside a pepper.

oops sorry for that ok yea i left that project so i’m not working on it right now so i’m really and i take my words back and thanks for the advice on the pepper and this is my first try at organic modeling well i’m going to try out the pepper one before this

good model :slight_smile:
could you upload this to blendswap?