captain america 3d model


somebody maybe knows where to get marvel comic characters?
i got an email with captain america some long time ago but lost it.


Hello cekuhnen,
I tried to model a captain america this days, but i made some mistakes and dont finish. But was very good to learn some steps and concepts of finishng a character (model, rig and texture).
Well, i dont find too any good references, but found this site, and help me a lot, its a toy reference, but very good in my opnion. Hope its help.

I don’t know any model. But here is a good reference for his body. It’s not so hard to model…

He had a hard life:

That’s not Captain America, I had that reference on my old HDD that went kaboom about three months ago, I can’t remember the site’s URL but there were lots of marvel references on that site, though the book the were scanned from seemed to come from the 90 so the customs have evolved a bit so there were lots of marvel characters there wolverine, elektra, dare devil etc.

I must find that site again, but am sure google should do the trick

here is a rendering of the blender file

man I wish I stil would have the bare bone blender file.