Captain America's Accelerator Suit

This is one of the 4 projects I am currently working on. I work on each side by side like for example, this week I will be working on Peter and the other week, I will be working on Paul. I am open to any suggestion or criticism.

I am working on a powered armor for Captain America. It was inspired by the G.I. Joe “Accelerator Suits” and the iconic Marvel character, Iron Man. It will be used for my third person shooter game. I am still designing characters and their weapons and equipment. After I have finished designing characters, I will be designig the props and levels.


the suit is awesome, maybe you can change the background a bit.
the background is some odd to me. A more modern epic background would add more mood to the scene. And if you are able too, Maybe rig him and put him in a nice pose.

still, really good job

I didn’t do much but here is a minor update. I changed the background a bit and I’m rigging it soon so I can pose it. Added a bit of Crysis nanosuit feel into it to make it less Iron Manish.