captain blender reference image?

I have the “Introducing Character Animation with Blender3D” however, at the moment, I can’t find the CD that came along with the book so I don’t have a Captain Blender sketch reference image. which have caused a rather unfavorable proportion issue with my model of captain blender (More like Captain Gorilla :o)

wonder if anybody knows of where I can download the reference image? I seem to remember that the CD content was put up somewhere for those of us who had gotten the defective CD (my CD is not defective but can’t find it) so this may help me.

P.S. I know that the proportion is wayy out of whack more than usual but I was just trying to model it quickly so i can try to finish this book before I get my “Blender 3D Architecture, Buildings, and Scenery” in the mail and ended up not keeping an eye on the overall proportion.

Try this, the main thread is in the off-topic forum:

ah thanks, sorry about that, i seems to be having some issue finding the right thread thru the search so that why I had to ask here.

No problem, I know the search can be weird sometimes. I just looks for anything in off-topic with DVD (it is not a CD in the book) that was posted by Bugman_2000. Seems the less you give the search the better your chances.

Here’s a thread with the reference images only:

bugman_2000, thanks but the .zip file from the other post is even better since there is a higher resolution version of the reference image in it and I may need the other files from there later on in the book if I still can’t find my DVD.

P.S. even though I haven’t went that far into the book it have already taught me tons of stuffs so thanks for having written this book :smiley: When I get to the animating part, I’m thinking of making a intro to Blender3D by having Captain Blender use sign language and other visual aid in the clip to help explains the software some to some other deafs if possible. Might not be able to do much at first but it would be a good subject for me to practice animating on.