Captain Blender

Hi everyone…
This is probally a lame post, but im looking for feed back on my Captain Blender from Introducing Character Animation with Blender. Im only on the Legs and Feet but I don’t want to move on if I have problems. Here are some pics.
![ Blend Feedback.JPG]( Blend Feedback.JPG)

And another…
![ Blend Feedback 2.JPG]( Blend Feedback 2.JPG)

Alright well since I havn’t gotten any feedback I guess I will just move on.
Keep in mind that im only a freshman in highschool.

You’re going to have to wait a lot longer than three hours to get replies. Do realize that a number of the frequenters on this board do not live in your given time zone.

It looks like you have a solid grasp on form, so nive job there. If you plan on animating this little guy you’re going to want more edge loops around the joints.

For example: his knee has three loops, but the top most loop is shared with the thigh. That’s bad because your deformations will be poor when it comes time to rig and animate. So you hit ‘k’ in edit mode and add another one above the knee.

Also, the crotch seems low, or the knees really high.

Um… I think thats all so far.

Again, nice work on the form, just watch your loops!

Good work so far! Some times it takes time before you can see what direction a project is going in. It’s hard for people to see much from this first post. So don’t get disheartened and keep posting. No doubt that will make people feel that you are serious about you’re project and will take the time to criticise your work.

Sometimes I find adding a concept sketch helps with speeding up the process - you can draw something much quicker than modelling it, giving people a chance to see what you hope to achieve. I can see you have been using one already, don’t be afraid to post it as well. Another tip for advertising your post is to edit the main thread’s title to show people what stage your up to in your work.

Hang in there mate, I’d like to see your finished work.

Zog34: Sorry for being impatient it that was just becuase it always says 27 people viewing or something. I do plan on animating him so I guess deformation is something i’ll have to to learn from experience as it will become my first animation. Well for that matter just about my first everything so i’ll be sure to add more loops. Now I laugh at the height of my knees :slight_smile:

bjzba: Thanks for the advice. I know I need to work on my drawing becuase I suck. Haha Well I can post the reference image but I’m doing this from the book Introducing Character Animation with Blender.

I’ll post an update as soon as I correct your crits and maybe work some on the upper body.

It seems to be coming along pretty well so far. Occasionally press the Z key and toggle into transparent mode so that you can see the reference image. As you progress you’ll push the verts around to get the shape more as you like it.

Interested to see how it develops!