Captain Charles Blender

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Me and my team are currently working on our second 3D animated short movie called “Captain Charles Blender” which evolves around a super hero in the style of Incredibles/Megamind. I cannot divulgate much information about the overall idea just yet, but here is the main character WIP, Captain Charles Blender :wink:

Here is the conception sheet :slight_smile:

Here is the current retopo of the sculpt :slight_smile:

Here is a 2k render of the current retopo model with simple shaders and a dynamic cloth cape (no textures yet)

And here is a showcase video of the character, clay render turn table of the sculptris sculpt (Sculpted and Posed in Sculptris but rendered in Blender Internal) along with a turn table of the current blender retopo model with simple shaders and a dynamic cloth cape (no textures yet)

I am currently rigging this bad boy and will have more to show very soon :wink:

I also have to update the team website (, but cannot currently find time to do so :S

Thanks for viewing :wink:
And Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Interesting that the character looks just like your profile picture.

Xero: Don’t tell anyone, but this is actually a picture of me :stuck_out_tongue:

If the character looks a bit like me it isn’t intentional. I guess I just have a typical facial shape :stuck_out_tongue: (I wish I’d be buffed like that but in reality I am a bit fat :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thx for the input :wink:

But seriously, no body has any constructive critiques? Any anatomy that is a the wrong place, anything looking odd?

Happy Blending

This is amazing! As far as my limited knowledge of anatomy is concerned it looks great! Is there any shape keys to go with this guy. I’d love to see him animated and rigged.

Konradtacular: Thanks :slight_smile: I use a lot of anatomical references when I sculpt so there might not be much out of place :wink:
I am currently rigging this guy, rig is about 60% done, there aren’t any shape keys yet but I am pretty close to that point :slight_smile: Soon I’ll show some rigging and pose shots and hopefully facials :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :wink:

Great character, what really stands out to me is his pelvis area. It don’t seem right, maybe if u give it the shape of an underwear it would work well.

Really nice! I know nothing about anatomy and character modelling, so I can’t help you with that. I can, however, say the skin material seems too glossy, but I do believe it to be just a placeholder. Anyway, in the final render, I think you should try and change it.

Well, a lot less emphasis on the pelvis region would be nice. Outside I that, if you don’t want anyone to know, don’t leave it where anyone can see. Then you are telling everyone.

This is looking awesome :smiley: I’ve always liked the Incredibles style characters! Good Luck :slight_smile:

DarkLimit: Thank you, just the kind of replies I need :slight_smile: You are absolutely right, the pelvis seems a little too high :slight_smile: good point :wink: you know, when you stare at something for so long, you tend to outlook stuff :wink:

Lucas Bruel: Thank you :slight_smile: Right now its just all quick shaders thrown together to sorta get a feel for it, but you are right, its just a simple blender SSS, nothing fancy, very waxy like. I will change that when I get down to texturing after rigging :wink:

Xero Shadow: Well, I lot of ppls make super heros and they all seem to have no junk at all, which doesn’t seems right, he wouldn’t be that super right :stuck_out_tongue: lol, but yhea, the pelvis does look a little odd, I’ll fix this asap :wink:

Nathan: Thanks man :slight_smile: I also am a fan of that style obviously :stuck_out_tongue: But as you can see, I try to add a bit of my own stylish twist to it :wink:

Happy Blending everyone :wink:

Very nice work! I’ve been meaning to create something in a similar style (big upper body, small legs). I doubt that it will be as good as yours though. Look forward to seeing more.

Awesome stuff Jeannot as always! He really is a great character with style:) Cant wait to see him in action:) These guys are gonna love the sculptric time laps:D Keep up the great work Bros:)

Do you mean SCULPTRIS??? Can’t wait to see it!

Alright alright, I’ll take a small break from my rigging and do a quick timelaps of the sculptris recording :slight_smile: with quick voice over explaining the sculpting process, I should have the video uploaded sometimes tonight :slight_smile:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Awesome :smiley: Can’t wait to see it!

It looks great. I like the stylization, but are the legs going to be long enough when you get him moving? Some of the dynamic sketches look like they’d need to be 1/2 to 3/4 longer than they are now.

amazing work … woow …

Nathan: :slight_smile: its currently uploading and will convert pretty soon :slight_smile:
Ocyd: Thanks :slight_smile: You are right, I did some minor change to the style during sculpting and even a bit more during retopo. I get what you are saying, but yes it will be fine :slight_smile: Limbs lenght aren’t that important because it really depends on the style, the animation itself can be as nice even with exagerated proportions such as this. It is all in the ability of the animator to create good pose and not in the limitation of the character since all characters have their own limitations :slight_smile:
Sawxy: Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is the video timelaps of the sculptris sculpt with me explaining it as best as I can, I just quickly did this, its not anything awesome and Its not HD since I have already used my one HD video per week on my free vimeo :stuck_out_tongue:
(might still be uploading or converting, stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Happy Blending everyone :wink:

Alright everyone, I hope the sculpting time laps wasn’t too boring to watch :stuck_out_tongue: (I really wasn’t prepared to do a quick tut on it and I will probably remake it but with some preparations first)

Current state of the rig is about 90% done, only some minor deformation tweaks here and there (mostly the hands) and adding custom bone shapes to do :slight_smile: Facial expressions with controls are in place and can perform pretty much all the expressions as well as ready for lip-synch (I still need to get some controls on the tongue). Here is a fairly big render of a quick pose to show the overall deformations as well as a nice little face expression :slight_smile: (Still no textures and just basic shaders that needs a lot of work) with added dynamically calculated cloth cape :slight_smile:

I hope you guys like :wink:

Happy Blending :slight_smile:

Brilliant man :smiley: I’ve always wanted to see how to make one of these characters! Great pose :slight_smile: I’m getting my first tablet in a few days, so, I’m hoping that will step up my sculpting skills!
1 Question: Do you prefer Sculptris or Blender to sculpt character models???