Captain Howell - Episode 6

Episode 6 of my space epic “Captain Howell”
The crew of the Astro 1 attempt to repel unknown assailants who arrived in Episode 4.

I added a bit of blood - hope its not too much!

Lots of smoke, dynamic paint and ridged body effects (some of which worked better than others), voice acting still not great (but thanks to my friends and long suffering wife).
Lots of the animation could have been better, but if everything had to be perfect I would never finish as I’m learning as I go.

As it is this took about 6 months of my lunch hours to do

Its a bit depressing how few views I am getting so please forward this to anyone who might enjoy it!

This animation isn’t that crappy… I expected worse… Nice models, sounds, music, voices are of lesser quality but still acceptable…

I like it… and the added gore will certainly increase your view number… :wink:

Pretty good there was a bit of Z Fighting on the door of the Fabricator.

On retrospect there does appear to be a bit of flickering on the fabricator door - I’ll check but I think the door has no depth and the normals might be facing the wrong way so the light behind it is acting oddly
A bigger issue I have had is that smoke partially vanishes as the border of the smoke domain moves over the camera position. smoke with the camera within its domain also looks less bright. In the end I fixed individual frames with photoshop to get round this.