Captain Marvel Super Saiyan 3D

Hi everyone,

I got to work on a lengthy project after a long time, since the donuts that I did last year :sweat_smile:
This time I attempted to learn stylized character sculpting by going through tutorials. I took my own concept sketch and sculpted/modeled it. This is the final result.

I hope you all enjoy it. :smile:

With FX:

Without FX:

Edit: New Artstation link
Animation and other views are on Artstation (since the image sizes are big).
Everything except fx done in Blender. Fx done in After Effects (gave up after trying several attempts in Blender volumetrics).


Did the retopo in Blender. Used curves for hair based on this tutorial.

super amazing! i love the detail in both your sprite and the fx. did you use the compositor for the fx or another separate program? regardless, youve done an incredible job emulating the power captain marvel has. i cant wait to see more of your work!

thank you so much. I mentioned it everywhere but forgot to mention it here :sweat_smile: that I did the fx in After Effects based on a tutorial by Red Giant. I tried it using Blender volumetrics but it was way too time consuming to get it right.

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