Captain of the Queen's Guard

Chosen for his prowess in battle as well as his Adonis-like beauty

My first post in the finished forum.
sculpt, SSS, internal render with HDRi. Textures done in Blender, Gimp, and Inkscape.
this morning I tried to do a new render with the material for the dark part of the armor improved, but Blender kept crashing

Let me know what you think

yes look greate.
You should add sss on the skin shader and teath, and add some details with textures.

If you can create an SSS shader for her that would be great, I know not all characters may be able to use the SSS shader properly but this one might.

I do have SSS applied to the skin, teeth, and eyes. I just have it toned down. This guy is a warrior reptile, so his skin is thick and dense. I also think that people usually have it turned up too high.

CyaNn, what type of details do you think I should add.

The skin seems a little to hard/specular or reflective… also, it might be nice to see the bump turned up a bit on the skin, and as already mentioned a little more detail for the skin texture to add some character. You might also reconsider your color choices for the armor especially. As it is, your armor color is competing with the head for the focus of the picture, and for me at least, the armor is winning. If you have your heart set on red, mabey something a bit closer to the values of teh skin color your using? Lastly, it would be cool to have some additional details on teh armor… straps for the shoulder pieces… etc…
Lol, I know this is “finished”, but I see a ok image that could be really cool so I share my opinion anyway… At work I can judge the innitial quality of my ideas by the critics I get from co-workers. It seems like good ideas that fall short of full potential get the strongest CnC reaction while mediocre ideas get a “looks good”… I see the same thing here… so plz take it as a compliment :slight_smile:

Well, nice character! Haha yeah he is a true adonis. Hey by reptilian standards who knows? I like the swirl patterns on the armor. Only real crit on the armor is that it looks too brand new although then again this is likely his ceremonial armor? However, it still looks like it would be impossible to take off, especially the collar piece. I think the lighting could reveal a bit more detail on the face but also the skin is too reflective. It would really benefit from a nor map where those cracks are, or something of that sort. And don’t be afraid to up the SSS on there, right now his skin looks like porcelein!

Keep it up though! :cool:

thanks for the comments.
I think a big problem with this is the HDRI lighting. HDRi lighting seems to ignore my specular settings and all the highlight comes from the reflectivity. I couldnt figure out how to blur the reflections on the skin. I think I’m going to scrap the HDRi and light this traditionaly.
Looking at it, I think I will add some buckles and what not
The lines in the skin actually have sculpt detail, but the HDRi kind of washes it out.
so, I think I’m going to revisit this and post a new picture later

I agree with SpindleRift, definitely… the armor looks great, but it does attract the eye more than the creature wearing it!

Have you tried a background that would give more contrast for the head?

Also, regular procedural textures normally spell friggin’ doom for any model they’re applied to. For your next model, you’d be better off painting a colour map, and also getting a bump and spec in there.

I like the texture on the skin, very reptilian like. Procedurals can do great things especially with nodes.

I think if Blackboe was Blender’s lead developer he’d take all the procedurals out;)

HDRI by itself wont solve anything. right now i see lots of red, and a big blob of green superimposed over a blurry background.
put in some real lighting and make that head pop out of the page.
and busts are cool, but add more detail on the head or else theres not much to look at.

No, he would probably make it an impossibility to use procedurals only. I kind of like that idea :ba:

As for the image, I’ll go with the things that others have written already. Also, I think there’s too little detail. When I saw the image at first, it looked like some kind of green alien blob to me. I had to look harder to actually see form and shapes.

The suit looks like it’s been giftwrapped with a nice paper. Not nice to say, not meant that way, I’m just trying to explain how it feels to me.

To sum up:

  • Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the total awesomeness of ZBrush3 (sorry!), but I feel he could use a lot of more detail, both in his face and his suit. For example, where are his nostrils (how does he breathe?). Where are his lips? Eye lids? I can see the reflection takes a lot away, but those kind of things are really not sculpted in there as far as I can see.

I’m sure someone will say: “but he’s not human, he doesn’t need eye lids” and I agree, but if you’re going for a humanish look, it looks weird if one doesn’t have them :slight_smile: You might try looking at eye lids from animals though.

(with eye lids I mean real eye lids, not just a continuation of skin over his eye balls)

  • It’s too clean. You say he’s chosen for his powers in battle, I’d say he was gotten rid of because he was looking in the mirror too much and kept wiping of the dust and mud off his suit with cleaning tissues.

  • What’s up with the stairs? :confused:

  • The brown pattern in the background gives the image a “this picture was made in the eighties”-look. Not sure if that’s what you were after. It feels a bit Mars-Attacky, which could make it a very very nice image if you would take that further. Otherwise I’d use a different background / HDR image.

  • Where are his brains? Aliens are supposed to be smart. In this head, there’s not much room for brains. Might have something to do with his adonis-thingy though.

  • The colors are out of… well, how do they say that? The red catches my eye, like other people said before. But it’s not just that. The red is the only color in the image that’s really saturated and the material feels like it’s just made a ride through the car wash instead of battles.

That’s what I think of it :o