Captain Yajima - Short animation by Worthikids

Wasn’t really sure where to post this, as I had no involvement in its creation, but I saw it yesterday and thought it was one of the best Blender shorts I’ve ever seen. Not sure if the creators are planning more of this show, but I certainly hope so, because I really enjoyed it.

It’s a short slap-stick sci-fi comedy done in a very convincing retro stop-motion style, and apparently it was all done in Blender. Definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of shows such as Space Dandy or Cowboy Bebop (though this is far sillier so far).


it’s awesome. :slight_smile: i would be very interested to see how this style was achieved.

Worthi, the guy who made it has done a nice (if silly) tutorial for Grease Pencil where he goes from nothing to a short animation with sound in an hour or so, so maybe he’ll make a video showing how he achieves his stop-motion look, which I’ve noticed he’s done a few other shorts using.

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this guy is a genius. :open_mouth: how does he manage to output that much animation in such a short time? or is worthi the name of a studio?

This is SUPER AWESOME! Loved every minute and looking forward to episode two. :metal:t2: